Once There Were Dragons: A Whimsical Coloring Book



Walk through the pages of wondrous art, hear the cries, “For England and St. George!”, ride with king and company as they thunder across the countryside to face the glittering horde – dragons of old!

Relive the time when dragons ruled and kings sought heroes to save the day! From Asia to Britannia, dragons ruled the land and the skies, cutting a swath of gold, emerald and ruby against the horizon as they breathed molten lava from their nostrils. Fashion your own fiery palette of shimmering shades as you color any of the 40 glorious images of the most popular figures of Medieval tales! Mix rich hues from gel pens with textured crayon tints and delicate color pencil pastels to create a splendid gallery of pictures that will warm you on even the coldest day!

  • (40) Images with easy, medium and complex patterns
  • Single-sided printing – frame your favorites
  • Coloring test pages included